high density screen printing-silicone ink|YR SILICONE
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high density screen printing-silicone ink|YR SILICONE

There are a lot of different processes to print clothing,sportwear,swimsuits,gloves,T-shirt,socks.There is Direct printing,machine printing,DTG process,Heat Transfer process.However,the screen printing is most popular among them. There are many options you can have with screen printing.Today,most factories make high density screen printing with water based paste.Because its cost is very low.IT'S known that water based paste has no soft hand feel,high elasticity,extreme durability on textile. Silicone ink is the best for high density screen printing in future.YR SILICONE silicone ink XG-866AH,XG-866A,XG-15AB-1,etc are ideal for high density screen printing.Most of silicone ink from YR SILICONE are 100:2 Package:20kg/pail Shelf life:365 days at room temperature storage. Low temperature cure ,120℃ Surface dry time:10seconds Whatsapp:+86 139 2732 4489 Sales mangager:Winstone
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HIGH DENSITY SCREEN PRINTING's puff ink with 3D printing.Maybe it can help you know better silicone ink)

silicone ink


Silicone ink is ideal for high density screen printing on textile.Because silicone inks are superb soft hand feel,high elasticity,extreme  durability in wash process.

Silicone screen printing ink meet EU,USA,JAPAN,OEKO TEX,REACH,NIKE RSL standard.

These silicone inks can be customized.YR SILICONE has one strong Research and Development team.YR SILICONE  inks can meet you.

YR SILICONE PIGMENT :Red silicone pigment,Yellow pigment,Reflective pigment,Temperature change pigment,Fluorescent pigment,White pigment,Black pigment.

Silicone thinner XG-128AH is made of 100% silicone oil.

YR SILICONE INKS are ideal for HEAT TRANSFERS,3D PRINT,Emboss,Mold,puff,Flock .

YR silicone inks are low cure ink. These silicone ink can be cured at 120-130 ℃ .

YR SILICONE has 22 colors.We can customize color.

Please contact us for free sample if you are interested to YR SILICONE inks.

Note:package size:1kg/bottle;5kg/pail;20kg/pail

Whatsapp:+86 139 2732 4489



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