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JiangXi Xinguang Silicone Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007. we have built our own factory with 10000㎡.we specialize in producing the high-end liquid silicone . In order to offer our clients the best service,we established a new manufaturing base, which is Huizhou Yirun Silicone Co.,Ltd. in 2017.we have the excellent engineer team.Our test machines are ROHS、REACH、UV aging machine、oval automatic machine、mold transfer machine、film engraving machine etc.our production capacity is over 3000T per year.we can meet your requirement.we have the specialized after-sales service engineers.we can offer you the specialized,efficient service in the field of clothes、shoes、socks、gloves、logo etc.

Our products have passed REACH、ROHS、OEKO-TEX-100 test,etc. 

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    was established in 2007

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XG Silicone

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Xinguang & Yi Run Own Modern Manfufacturing Base Buiding Located in Huizhou City China. Learn More+
XG Silicone

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our printing silicone ink have passed the test of REACH and OEKO— TEX100 environment protection requirements, NIKE RSL, ADIDAS A-01 , follow the standard and Certificate of REACH, OEKO-TEX-100. Learn More+


2020 - 08

China International Textile Digital Printing Technology Expo


2020 - 07

Silicone Letter mold film 一、silicone letter mold is applicable to all kinds of clothes、sportswear or logo. 二、process flow:The pattern is engraved by computer output,if there is the powder,please cut it with die cutter. 三、product advantage: 1.Eco-friendly product、No allergies、excellent weather resistance. 2.Excellent handle、anti-migration. 3.Good elongation、Good rebound effect.   四、thickness:0.1-1mm、customized colors.


2020 - 07

We have two items of mold transfer silicone ,XG-866A-2Y,XG-360W.our mold transfer silicone is easy to operate.it has excellent 3D effect.it will help you come true your idea.it can enhance your brand value.you will attract more customer.


2020 - 07

Print instruction Product Description: Screen print silicone from XG&YR silicone Co.,Ltd has 20 items.they can be printed on Nylon,waterproof polyester,cotton,fabrics,anti-slip mat,etc.they have very excellent elongation,great adhesion on Jockey sportswear.our silicone is very supple handle with good wash test.it's antislip,anti-abrasion,easy to print.we have at least 24kinds of silicone pigment for your choice.   Jockey silicone print instruction: 1. silicone adhesion XG-180AB 2.high density XG-866AH 3.fast catalyst XG-866B-2 4.silicone thinner XG-128AH 5.silicone pigment 6.glossy silicone XG-399HR(high anti-abrasion silicone)or matte silicone XG-866M   Print step: 1.Print XG-180AB for two times,print-flash-print,oven temperature 120℃,10seconds. 2.print XG-866AH three times,print-flash-print,oven temperature 120℃,10seconds. 3.print color layer:mixed pigment with XG-866AH.print 4-6layers.print-flash-print,oven temperature 120℃,10seconds. 4.print glossy or matte silicone.print-flash-print,oven temperature 120℃,10seconds.    Note:please add 10% XG-128AH if the viscosity is high during printing. 5.After finished,please put product into oven by 130℃,3-5minutes.   Please contact me if you have any question.  (Name:winstone,WhatsApp:+86 139 2732 4489) Website:www.yrsilicon.com  


2020 - 06

women underwear silicone adhesive

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